In 2015, while in the process of a home renovation, Summer started the search for the perfect artwork to  complement the style of her new decor. After months of searching for the right piece and coming up empty, Summer realised there was a big gap in the market.

Summers frustrating search for unique artwork, professionally printed, at a large scale, prompted her to fill the gap. Bringing high impact, large scale canvas prints to the market, at a price accessible to everyone. And so, Wall Liberation was born. 

From her studio in Altona, in Melbourne's west, Summer set about providing her clients with high quality fine artwork printed at a scale usually unavailable to average art lover. Not content with just providing quality prints, Wall Liberation stretches and frames the canvas prints with premium materials, creating the perfect, hand crafted, ready to hang solution for all art enthusiasts. 

Not content to rest, we are constantly refining our processes, materials and expanding our database of available images. While specialising in abstract art, our portfolio also includes photography, illustration, mixed media and many styles of fine art painting. And of course, we are only to happy to work with our clients to produce a unique piece based on their own image.

Wall Liberation has grown from a small home business, supplying our retail clients with exceptional art, to working with artists, photographers, interior design business for commercial  and construction projects. Despite the broader scope today, Summer is still involved in all aspects of the business and her aim is to provide every customer with the best product and experience possible.

Why Wall Liberation 

  1. Melbourne's largest artwork sizes
  2. Melbourne's most affordable eco-friendly fine art production
  3. Premium quality 100% cotton canvas printing solution for both indoor and outdoor use
  4. UV resistant, 380gsm, strong , scratch resistant. mould resistant, water proof
  5. Canvas prints are able to be over painted, to add your own unique touch
  6. Delivery to your door 
  7. Elegant Tasmania Oak 5.5cm floating frame
  8. Custom service for your specific needs
  9. Flexible and creative problem solving
  10. One stop shop for all your artwork need: editing, sourcing, enhancing, printing and framing.
  11. Extensive range/database for artworks ready to print